If you are thinking about your bar program…

You already know that the cocktail revolution is well underway in our country and that its effects are being felt in our area. You know that consumers are better-educated than ever – and more likely to report their experiences across a range of platforms. You’re  wondering how to maximize your bar’s effectiveness and profitability in this modern landscape.

 Professional bar operators are always juggling, trying to be more exciting, more profitable, to have a program that reflects and reinforces your brand and its image — all while putting out metaphorical (and sometimes literal) fires. The fact of the matter is: you’re very busy. You need a partner to help you bring your team to the next level.

I can help you.

I am a hospitality professional with years of study and experience and I know that two of the most important factors in mapping your bar program’s success are quality of service and mixology.  The modern consumer has high expectations, and is quick to post reviews — good or bad — on social media, from Facebook to Trip Advisor. The best protection you can give yourself is a well-trained staff, competently mixing high-quality drinks, and consistently serving them in a professional manner.

There are many benefits to improving the guest experience in your bar, but my favorite is the way it builds loyalty and profits. Effective hospitality turns guests into regulars, and turns these regulars into community partners, driving business your way. By training your staff in the nuances of luxury-grade service, you will increase the satisfaction of the people who matter the most: your treasured guests. I will lead your team through the mechanics of exceptional service, teaching them the language and tactics of true professionals.

 I will also teach your team the basic tools, formulas and techniques of mixology.  Especially in the 21st century, your guests are watching. Shake (or worse: layer) a Manhattan and they will call you out on Twitter. Knowing what to do, and how to do it, will give your team the confidence they need to succeed in a highly competitive world where not all bars survive. 

You want your bar to be the kind of place where people feel comfortable, and bring their friends. Call me for a consultation, and let’s get started….